12 Music Themed Board Games That Are Crazy Fun and Entertaining


Did you know there are board games available for music and audio enthusiasts? These board games are often designed for adults and even children who love music. From classic rock bands to karaoke parties, there is something for everyone. Music board games involve the use of listening, creativity and musical aptitude – all in a fun, interactive format. Whether you’re a budding musician or an experienced maestro, these 12 music-themed board games can offer hours of entertainment!

  • Rock Star: Rock Star lets players compete as bands of up to four members. On each turn, players take turns playing rock cards, answering multiple-choice trivia questions and attempting to reach the stage deck in order to win the events of their tour. Designed for ages 8 and up, Rock Star offers a unique twist on traditional board game play with fun facts about popular rock songs!
  • Ultimate Music Challenge: Ultimate Music Challenge follows classic Monopoly rules while incorporating music trivia into each turn. Players travel around the outer rim answering true or false questions ranging from classical composers to popular artists from every genre imaginable. The winner is determined by earning the most money through accurately answering questions and landing on squares along the way!

Music-Themed Board Games

Board games are a great way to have fun and bond with friends and family. Music themed board games are especially entertaining and give players a great way to connect with their favorite music and artists. From your favorite rap stars to classic rock legends, there are some amazing music-themed board games out there. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones available:

Rock Band Rivals

Rock Band Rivals is one of the best music-themed board games, as it channeled all the thrills of playing in a classic rock band into one great game. Players get to pick an instrument and take on the roles of their favorite rockers in performing their music and earning points.

This fast-paced board game is all about having fun, so there are lots of play styles and playing levels to choose from. After each round, players can collect and store their instruments at the party house. And if someone misses a chance at being selected as lead singer or guitarist, no worries – there’s always another instrument or backup singer spot waiting for them.

With a mix of rivalries, fun twists and rewards, Rock Band Rivals is sure to be an enjoyable experience for any music fan!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing

Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing is a classic board game, released in 1992 and inspired by the musical themes of early rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelia. This game incorporates all of the elements of classic racing games – cars, tracks, opportunities to pass competitors and shortcuts – with a unique twist.

Rather than players picking the car or track they want to use, each option is chosen by spinning a wheel with special sections that correspond to different attributes from various automotive and music themes. This could include turbo boosts, trick boxes and record labels. Players are also asked questions about classic music trivia to earn bonus points for safe passage over jumps or other obstacles.

The game also features an exciting two-player mode that allows competitors to quickly jump back and forth between two sets of racing action in order to add a bit of extra competition in the mix. With four different levels available for single player or two-player options – beach rally, desert run, highway star and freeway stomp – Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing offers plenty of variety as players weave their own unique paths through some amazing tunes. Whether playing alone or pushing your luck against friends and family members, this one is sure to be your favorite way to rock out on game night!

The Music Game

The Music Game is the perfect blend of trivia and music for both music trivia fanatics and people new to the genre. Play by answering multiple-choice questions about famous musicians, their music, and hottest released songs. Choose from multiple categories including hip-hop, rock, pop punk, and more!

The Music Game includes an instructional guide as well as an audio CD to use throughout play. It also comes with over 400 question cards so you can ramp up your music knowledge testing with a different card each time! Perfect for family game nights or taking on the road – this game will keep your friends laughing and guessing wondering who knows best when it comes to the world of music.

The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles: Rock Band board game is a tribute to the world’s most beloved band and features multimedia that captures the spirit of 1960’s. Players pick up guitar, bass, microphone and drum controllers – in addition to either singing or playing instrumentals – to join a virtual band for fun or for competition.

The game includes four studio albums (Help!, Rubber Soul, Revolver and Abbey Road) along with several non-album master tracks (“Taxman” and “Octopus’s Garden”). Additionally, special single song downloadable content packs are available including Beatles singles from “I Want To Hold Your Hand” (U.K. version) to “Let It Be“, in an effort to pay homage to the broad scope of their classic music.

The Beatles Rock Band features comfortable gameplay with a variety of difficulty levels ensuring it’s suitable for players of all ages and musical abilities.

Rock Band Blitz

Rock Band Blitz is a rhythm-based board game that brings your favorite rock music to life with exciting action. Players select their favorite tracks from a library of over 30 classic and modern rock songs, then use the game system released in 2012 by Harmonix Music Systems, Rock Band Blitz has become a top choice for music-themed board game fans. The game supports up to four players and requires no accessories, allowing anyone to join in the fun of creating the ultimate rock band.

In Rock Band Blitz, the players start off by selecting their favorite tunes from the extensive catalogue of songs included with the game. Then they build up their virtual band – composed of guitarists, bass players, drummers and singers – from over 25 cartoonish characters known as “Bandmates”. When it’s time to begin playing, each player takes control of one instrument and tries to beat his or her own score as well as those of other opponents by making use of power-ups available in each song. Additional points are awarded for long playing streaks and multipliers that increase score even more quickly for skilled musicians. Gameplay includes quick reflexes combined with attentive note tracking so that no one misses out on points or combo bonuses generated through careful play.

The Rock Band Blitz board game is suitable for gamers aged 13+ and comes packed with hours upon hours of entertainment potential thanks to its varied soundtrack full of beloved classics like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (Guns N’ Roses), “Lose Yourself” (Eminem) or “Fat Lip” (Sum 41).

Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live is the newest in the Guitar Hero franchise and one of the best music-themed board games of all-time. This game requires a console and an exclusive guitar peripheralcontroller: provided by different major gaming systems. This rhythm game challenges players to take on different stages of difficulty as they hit multiple colored buttons along with a strum bar following the completionof notes scrolling down on the screen in front of them.

Guitar Hero Live has two live-action mode, Party Play Mode, and QuickplayMode which allows you to play challenges designed by real guitar players from aroundthe world. The game also has GHTV mode – a 24/7 broadcast platform in which players can access hundreds and hundreds of songs from some genre like rock, indie and alternative for free or as part of Gamer’s premium membership. The GHTV channel plays only one song at a time to engage everyone who’s watching including friends around you interested in the same song so you can work together to climb up in leaderboards and rank up their profile.

With 34 launch tracks including hits from Skrillex, Fall Out Boys, Imagine Dragons Fur Patrol, Slayer, My Chemical Romance and others as well appearing as downloadable content later this year this is one must have experience that will bring even more joy to your musical themed board game gatherings with friends!

The Music Game: Rock Edition

The Music Game: Rock Edition is a fun and educational board game for music lovers. Designed for 2-4 players, this game is designed to test your rock and roll knowledge.

Players can try their luck at various thrilling challenges such as “Fill in the Blank” and “Name That Tune”. These challenges will force you to draw on a vast repertoire of classic rock artists, iconic albums, and memorable hits. By testing yourself on these topics, you will gain an even deeper appreciation of rock music. In addition to enjoying all the trivia fun, each player keeps his or her score during play, so the competition can get intense!

Throughout the game, players uncover Artist cards that provide interesting facts about classic bands. As they progress through the game board’s Four Corners squaresHitsville, Woodstock Village, Heavy Metal City Center and Hair Salon – they have opportunities to spin a wheel and take their chances with double or triple chance points if get enough correct answers! The first player who reaches Hitsville Center first wins.

Perfect for music fans of all ages who enjoy learning about Rock ‘n Roll greats such as Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith! The Music Game: Rock Edition offers hours of musical mayhem!

Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 is a unique music-themed board game that lets players have an exciting band experience. You no longer have to watch rock stars on the TV, you can bring their spirit and move straight into your living room. Your family and friends will get the chance to be part of a much loved classic, made even better with modernized play modes and setlists from various musical styles.

The game is designed for up to four players with different instruments so every player can perform their part. Rock Band 4 brings up to 1000 additional tracks available for download and provides countless new ways for you and your bandmates to earn rewards, improve performances, customize songs, create charts and much more! With the power of this game, you’ll be able to create the most rocking concert ever!

Band Hero

Band Hero is a popular music-themed board game that puts players in the role of a rock band looking to gain success in the music industry. Up to four players compete against one another by using their own specialized instruments. Players take turns playing, recording, and remixing songs in order to create a song that people will love. Challenging tasks and activities help propel the band to success, all while having fun along the way.

Through Band Hero’s unique track system, each player can have up to five different tracks running at once – lead vocals, guitar, bass, drums and synth/keyboard. They must also use special booster cards for extra points or power ups during their project. As they move through each level of the game, they must prove themselves as professionals and compete with other bands for a chance at being ‘Gold Star’ performers.

With realistic sound effects that mimic those of actual rock instruments such as guitars and keyboards, Band Hero creates an immersive gaming experience that is sure to entertain its players while also teaching them the basics of how making music works. It’s an entertaining way for anyone with an interest in music or performance arts to learn more about both genres without having to make any kind of huge investments. With customizable heroes available as well as weekly online tournaments powered by GSN’s Social Casino Network (SCN), Band Hero provides endless opportunities for gaming entertainment!

Rock Band Unplugged

Rock Band Unplugged is a PlayStation Portable (PSP) game, released in 2009, that puts the spotlight on short sets of familiar songs. Unlike its console-based counterparts, Rock Band Unplugged was designed to be played solo and with the use of just one PSP.

Players can pick one of their favorite bands – ranging from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Nirvana – and customize their rocker; then they must complete several gig challenges laid out over three levels. As players work their way up through the three levels, they earn rewards – from exclusive videos and interviews from featured bands to virtual instruments or special customizations for their rockers. After completing a level’s setlist, gamers will also unlock bonus content for a deeper dive into the impersonated band’s discography.

To further fuel their gaming experience and turn it into a wholehearted rock jam session, Rock Band Unplugged also supports up to eight-player wireless multiplayer so friends can join in on the fun with their own PSPs.

Music Monopoly

Music Monopoly is one of the most popular music-themed board games. Crafted after the original Monopoly, this game includes spaces that pay homage to music legends such as Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix along with venues like the Apollo Theater, Madison Square Garden, and CBGB. Instead of the classic “Go To Jail” card, you may draw a “Go to Concert” card and add concerts to your monopoly playlist. The one who ends up owning all the music venues wins!

This game appeals to both adults and children alike – it helps build knowledge about music history as well as provides entertainment for its players from start to finish.

Rock Band: The Ride

Rock Band: The Ride is an exciting and engaging music-themed board game that simulates a real-life rock band experience. It is designed for two to six players and can be played with both friends and family. This game allows you to create a song playlist and then listen to it while playing the game. The goal of the game is to out perform your competition while touring your favorite band’s songs around the world.

Players must plan, manage, and strategize in order to get their band’s tour money whenever possible in order to complete the tour and win.

During the game, each player manages their character’s career decisions such as:

  • Choosing gigs
  • Acquiring equipment upgrades
  • Collecting press coverage
  • Hiring session players or crewmembers

These character decisions will determine how successful they will be at completing the tour successfully and earning money for their band. Other elements of play involve decision-making skill as well as luck of the draw in order to determine which music venues they will play and how many crowd partners they can acquire at each session.

The game has different levels of difficulty adopted from casual gamers all the way up to challenging expert gamers who may want more control over their career decisions or who may want more financial rewards for completing tours on certain difficulty levels. In addition Rock Band: The Ride has eight different boards that act as stages, each with a thematically different environment allowing for a unique experience every time you set up for play. With easy set-up rules this fun-filled adventure promises numerous hours of rockin’ entertainment!


As you can see, there are plenty of music themed board games available to add a little something extra to your next game night. With dozens of titles suitable for all ages and skill levels, these music themed games can be an incredibly entertaining way to spend time with family and friends.

So if you’re looking for a way to take your next board game night up a notch, you may want to consider trying out one of these crazy fun music themed board games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some music themed board games?

A: Some music themed board games include Rock Band Rivals, Rockin’ Beats, The Beatles’ Rock Band, The Singing Machine, Pop Star Party, and Music Madness.

Q: What age group are these board games designed for?

A: These board games are usually designed for people ages 8 and up, but some may be suitable for a younger audience.

Q: Where can I find these games?

A: You can find these music themed board games at many retail stores, online retailers, and hobby shops.